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Saltwood Reggie BS FG 215cm Sea Kayak Paddle $250
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This is a Saltwood Reggie Bent Shaft Fiberglass blade 215cm paddle with balsa inset in the blades. 45 degree feather. he Saltwood Reggie Fiberglass is a performance paddle designed for versatile use. The mid sized blades provide plenty of grip and power, without wearing you out to quickly. The bent, fiberglass wrapped wood shaft provides a neutral wrist position, and the perfect amount of flex, to reduce strain. The beautifully crafted Saltwood Reggie Fiberglass is hand made with care

Wood Shaft: Laminated hollow wooden shafts with thin fiberglass sleeve. This pairing of wood and glass gives a combination of strength, weight, and flexibility, and allows dialing in the right feel for each paddle. One piece shafts have a subtle spring action spread across the whole paddle, which creates a really lively feel while reducing some stress off shoulder and elbow joints.

Indexing: Saltwood uses an aggressive index for each hand that runs flush with the top of the shaft in your palm, and creates a finger groove on the bottom of the shaft. We've been using double indexes for years on other paddles and really love the sense of control it provides for the on-water blade.

Blade: Saltwood composite fiberglass laminate blades feature a mid size buoyant core. They tested a large number of prototypes to come up with a core volume that created a nice buoyant lift at the release of the stroke, while not having so much flotation that the paddle felt awkward when reaching deep for green water.
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