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Stolen sea kayak gear (car break-in 2/5/17)
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As above I had pool play gear stolen from my car on 2/5 when my car got vandalized.    Everything was labeled with SR or S Rogers.  Black items had initials written on the white label.   Norsaq had initials scratched lightly in one corner.   It may be unlikely that the gear will turn up, but in case it does, please contact me.   I was fortunate that my kayak and Greenland paddle were not stolen or damaged.  I am not sure yet how much my insurance will reimburse.
Kokatat MsFit PFD, mango color, size S, with attached red Kokatat Tributary hydration bag,  Stohlquist knife holder, emergency whistle.
Kokatat Surfskin balaklava and Kokatat Surfskin cap with chin strap (these were in the pockets).  
Kokatat Farmer Jane Wetsuit size M, black with mango on front shoulders.
Blue swimsuit, black water shoes, black shirt, red beach towel
Fir Norsaq made by Beale Paddles
Dive goggles, silicon, clear with black rim.
Snapdragon spray skirt
The above items were in a brown/green tarp bag with rope handles.
Also taken were some hiking gear and emergency gear from my car.
Please contact me if you have information related to the above.
Thank you,

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